1. What is hair loss?

Chest baldness, hair removal

Hair removal is a method of removing chest hair from the hair roots.

For example, men’s medical alopecia clinics and men’s alopecia salons use hair removal machines and Brazilian waxes that remove hair using wax.

Effects and pain vary depending on the method of hair removal. Let’s check the pros and cons of hair loss.


  •   Permanent alopecia (medical alopecia only)
  •   The amount of chest hair is gradually reduced.
  •   Smooth finish


  •   Higher cost
  •   It’s going to take some time.
  •   There are some skin problems
  •   It’s easy to feel pain when you have hair loss.

  2. What is hair removal?

Chest baldness, hair removal

Hair removal is a method to treat chest hair that appears on the epidermis.

For example, a hair removal cream or a hair removal agent that contains ingredients that dissolve hair proteins, or a razor or electric shaver that can be removed instantly.

The speed at which chest hair grows differs depending on the method of hair removal, and it is said that hair removal with chemicals can treat hair close to the root rather than a razor, so the speed at which chest hair grows is slower.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hair removal.


  •   Can be handled at a low cost
  •   It works fast.
  •   I can handle it when I want.
  •   Little pain.


  •   It’ll come back soon after we’ve cleaned it up.
  •   It’s easy to get rough skin
  •   Thin chest hair a little.

  3. Which to choose, hair loss or hair removal?

Chest baldness, hair removal.

Hair removal and hair removal are fundamentally different in how chest hair is treated.

Are you getting hair loss? Or is it hair removal? Choose according to your purpose.

If you want to root out chest hair and stop it from growing again with permanent hair removal, choose “hair removal”.

If you want to treat your chest hair temporarily, or if you want to treat your chest hair just now, choose “hair removal”.

Do you want to remove chest hair? Or do you want to get your hair removed?

If you want to get your hair removed and become smooth right now, check out the hair removal section.

People who want to remove hair from the hair root with hair removal should check the hair removal section

  The method of removing chest hair

  1. Shaved with a razor

Breast removal, shaving by razor.

Recommended degree: ★★☆☆

The method of removing chest hair (1) is “shaving with a razor”.

In terms of cost, it is the cheapest way to treat chest hair, but in terms of risk, it is not recommended.

The razor will not only cut off the hair, but also the surface of the skin. The so-called “razor loss” symptoms can cause itchiness, redness, and inflammation when bacteria enter the wound.


  •   Low cost
  •   It’s easy to shake when you think about it.
  •   I can handle it without anyone seeing me.


  •   Skin irritation
  •   Easy to darken
  •   Easy to cause buried hair
  •   The details of buried hair are explained here.
  •   What is buried hair? Explanation of countermeasures to cause
  •   Correct treatment of buried hair! Introduction of causes and methods of prevention [supervision by doctors]

  2. Defoliation cream

About the breast hair removal cream

Recommended degree: ★★★★☆

How to remove chest hair (2) is “hair removal cream”.

Although hair removal cream is not as easy as razor, there are also products that are gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about big skin problems.

However, people with sensitive skin or atopic skin should be careful because special drugs are used. Even on healthy skin, be sure to perform a patch test before use.


  •   Easy to access
  •   The tip of the hair is rounded so it doesn’t hurt
  •   I can handle every detail of your chest hair.
  •   Can be used on sensitive skin


  •   Patch testing is required before processing
  •   Different hair removal creams have different effects.
  •   Depending on the amount of chest hair, you’ll need a lot of hair removal cream.

  3. Defoliation wax

About chest hair wax

Recommended degree: ★★★☆

The method of hair removal of chest hair 3 is “hair removal wax”.

Hair removal wax is a highly sticky wax made from natural ingredients such as honey and sugar that is entwined on chest hair to remove hair.

It is coated with a higher level of, wax on an dedicated sheet pasted as the one off though, because feel pain.


  •   It works quickly in a short time
  •   It’s easy to get rid of your hair.
  •   The repetition softens the hair.
  •   Hair removal is possible regardless of hair quality
  •   The cost of hair removal per time is low
  •   The skin is smooth because of the peeling effect


  •   I feel a lot of pain.
  •   There’s no permanent effect.
  •   Self-processing is easy to fail.
  •   Long-term hair removal is expensive.
  •   The risk of skin problems is high

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